St Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish Council Documents

Copies of the St Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish meeting Agendas and Minutes are now available to download from this site.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council. Meetings of the Council take place on the second Wednesday of each month. There is a 10 minute section for the public to address members on any issue although only items on the agenda may be discussed. If you would like an item to appear on the agenda please contact the Clerk at least one week prior to the meeting. The monthly meeting venue alternates between Mawgan Porth Village Hall and St Mawgan Community Hall.

A schedule of 2018 Meetings can be viewed here


    December 12th    
    November 14th    
    October 10th    
    September 12th    
    August 8th    
    July 11th    
    June 13th    
    May 9th (Annual Meeting of the Council) 72Kb  
    April 18th (Annual Assembly of Electors) 20kb  
    April 11th 65kb 157kb
    March 14th 23kb 94kb
    February 14th 37kb 188kb Draft
    January 10th 23kb 49kb
    December 13th 23kb 60kb
    November 8th 123kb 121kb
    October 11th 29kb 151kb
    September 13th 26kb 123kb
    August 9th 30kb 87kb
    July 12th 25kb 132kb
    June 14th 29kb  
    May Annual Meeting   62kb
    May Annual Assembly (draft)   135kb
    May 17th 26kb  
    April 12th 25kb 57kb
    March 8th 99kb 114kb
    February 8th 26kb 57kb
    January 11th 24kb 53kb
    December 14th 100kb 194kb
    November 9th 25kb 133kb
    October 12th 25kb 195kb
    September 14th 24kb 62kb
    August 10th 24kb 61kb
    July 13th 29kb 66kb
    June 8th 19kb 51kb
    May 11th 23kb 63kb
    April 13th 24kb 67kb
    March 9th 24kb 301kb
    February 10th 30kb 59kb
    January 13th - 37kb
    January 4th (Extraordinary meeting) 14kb 24kb
    December 9th 20kb 52kb
    November 11th 24kb 38kb
    October 14th 22kb 80kb
    September 9th 41kb 81kb
    August 12th 16kb 29kb
    July 8th 18kb 35kb
    June 10th 19kb 37kb
    May 13th 27kb 58kb
    April 29th (Extraordinary meeting) 23kb 38kb
    April (APM notice) 29kb Draft 23kb
    April 8th 26kb 57kb
    March 11th 28kb 43kb
    February 17th (Extaordinary meeting) 25kb 36Kb
    February 11th 28kb 41kb
    January 14th 36kb 36kb
    December 31kb 49kb
    November 33kb 40kb
    October 29kb 42kb
    September 23kb 69kb
    August 20kb 31kb
    July 22kb 38kb
    June 24kb 68kb
    May (Annual Meeting) 24kb 71kb
    April (APM) 29kb 57kb
    April 26kb 40kb
    March 25kb 46kb
    February 35kb 39kb
    January 39kb 39kb
    December 30kb 67kb
    November 51kb 38kb
    October 28kb 52kb
    September 46kb 101kb
    August 42kb 80kb
    July 32kb 51kb
    June 33kb 58kb
    May 28kb 78kb
    April (Extra meeting 24th June) 17kb 15kb
    April (APM) 30kb 38kb
    April 37kb 37kb
    March 25kb 47kb
    February 31kb 41kb
    January 46kb 54kb
    December 28kb 34kb
    November 45kb 53kb
    October 22kb 31kb
    September 25kb 38kb
    August 27kb 27kb
    July 34kb 34kb
    Extra meeting 13 June (Announcement) 21kb 27kb
    June meeting date amendment 8kb  
    June 32kb 45kb
    May 29kb 40kb
    May (APM) 13kb 37kb
    April 29kb 37kb
    March 43kb 50kb
    February 64kb 77kb
    January 57kb 85kb
    December 63kb 45kb
      Airport report
    November 28kb 43kb
    October 47kb 66kb
    September 30kb 50kb
    August 37kb 30kb
    July (27th) 57kb 66kb
    July (13th) 38kb 68kb
    June 49kb 75kb
    May 48kb 68kb
    April (13th) 37kb 55kb
    April (6th) 38kb 30kb
    April (APM)


    March 44kb 39kb
    February 46kb 35kb
    January 34kb 36kb
    December 39kb 72kb
    November 20kb 71kb
    October 63kb 81kb
    September 19kb 39kb
    August 20kb 43kb
    July 21kb 38kb
    June 29kb 42kb
    May (26th) 12kb 13kb
    May (12th) 39kb 35kb
    April (14th) 27kb 38kb
    April (7th) 15kb 15kb
    March 27kb 27kb
    February 20kb 34kb
    January 18kb 31kb
    December 18kb 35kb
    November 19kb 38kb
    October 19kb 38kb
    September 18kb 34kb
    August 18kb 33kb
    July 20kb 31kb
    June 17kb 38kb
    May 20th 20kb 24kb
    May 13th 20kb 36kb
    April 23kb 38kb
    March 20kb 29kb
    February 22kb 37kb
    January 22kb 41kb